90' Lyrics Quiz: We felt stupid and contagious

Warning to Fans of the 80's Quiz . The 90's were complicated. We replaced the bubble-gum catchy tunes like "Mickey" and "Venus" with gods of mumbling angst - Vedder, Cobain - shouting anger - Reznor, Manson - or rapid fire dissonance - Kiedis, Corgan- and that was just the main stream radio hits! Pop continued on, but lyrics overall became much more complex.

That means this test is harder. You'll be sure to be kicking yourself when you see the answers... So, as Sarah sang, hold on, hold on, this is going to hurt like hell. 

Instructions: Fill in the blanks. Each blank uses one word and no punctuation. You lose any claims to moral superiority over your friends on Facebook if you stoop to using Google.

(caPS LOCk or Proper CASE does not impact your ScOrE)

  1. Kiss me there, touch me there   
  2. Quit playing with my  
  3. There was a time when I was so   
  4. Ladies and Gentlemen of the class of 1997, Wear  
  5. She knows his love's in , she knows he's gonna go 
  6. Would you forgive me love, if I dance in  
  7. Girls who are boys , Who like boys to be girls , Who do like they're Who do like they're boys 
  8. Hot like wasabi when I
  9. bop, just blows me away 
  10. You know, I shun fancy things like electricity, At 4:30 in the morning I
  11. As her folks drive away, her dad yells, " the "
  12. That's me in the , That's me in the  
  13. I can't stand it, I know you it 
  14. Baby, you send me set on bliss of you
  15. For tonight I'll sleep on a bed of nails; I wanna be just as close as the is 
  16. Sometimes everything is wrong, Now it's time to  
  17. How about getting off of  
  18. The of , lonely as I am, together we cry 
  19. I came to get down. So get out your seats and  
  20. He packed his suitcase, and goodbye 
  21. Don't want no man 
  22. I'm sorry that you seem to be  
  23. And everyone's perky and everyone's uptight I love those I them all day 
  24. And I won't tell no one your  
  25. sat alone in a boggy marsh 
  26. How do I say goodbye to The good times that made us laugh 
  27. And then you had to bring up over a couple of the other night 
  28. Take this off my eyes , I'm exposed, and it's no big surprise
  29. Feed my can you sew them  
  30. I don't want to wait for to be over 
  31. Six a.m. day after   I throw some clothes on in the dark 
  32. Don't call me  
  33. Sweet like candy to my soul, sweet you and sweet you  
  34. Your love is and you're so You make me hard you make me weak
  35. If it hadn't been for I'd been married long time ago 
  36. But did you know, that when it my eyes become large 
  37. No, I couldn't ask
  38. she never mentions the word in certain  
  39. We are drinking beer at noon on  
  40. I want to be the with the most , he only loves those things because he loves to see them break 
  41. Walking on, walking on   
  42. came home with a mission 
  43. On a desert highway, an old  
  44. Well, maybe I'm just too sure, or maybe I'm just too by the of it ; pieces of note fall down
  45. I just hope you understand, sometimes the do not make the  
  46. Blew a and tried to take it home 
  47. I've been a bad, bad girl, I've been careless with a
  48. She said I don't you around here, you must be new to this town 
  49. You can have my  You can have the that it brings
  50. I feel like I've been locked up tight for a of  
  51. , you know that you're my best friend; you know that I'd do anything for you
  52. You see my heart, you look away, you see my , I know your pain 
  53. , I won't be soothed over like, smoothed over like milk, silk, a bedspread, or a quilt, icing on a cake
  54. on a one-way track 
  55. She went in the back to , I sat down on my couch and cried
  56. Steal the while you can,  
  57. blonde 
  58. And I said what about at 's 
  59. Hey, wait! I've got a new
  60. It's perpetual bliss, It's that pivotal moment, it's ah  
  61. No time to search the Cause you know where I'll be found
  62. If i could tell the world just one thing it would be that we're
  63. -da-bang-da-dang-diggy-diggy-diggy
  64. The and make good-looking models 
  65. I'll try not to complain, I know that's a , baby 
  66. Make a little in your soul 
  67. But she's nobody's , is the voice of reason against the howling mob
  68. There goes my , watch him as he goes 
  69. I smell and , who's that lounging in my chair? 
  70. Nothing lasts forever, and we both know can and it's hard to hold a candle in the cold
  71. Tomorrow we can this town, let the cops chase us around 
  72. A is a guy that thinks he's fly 
  73. Such a strange combination of a and a , such a strange situation
  74. And I thought I'd live forever but now I'm not so sure you try to tell me that I'm but that won't take me
  75. There's a girl in that does 
  76. Saw my in a didn't know my own face
  77. If you ever leave, well baby you would take  
  78. I want to away, i want to away, yeah, yeah 
  79. Pour your down on me 
  80. They have a fight. wins. 
  81. I'm sure I'm not being rude, But it's just your that's tearing everything apart, it's ruining everything
  82. Flesh becomes , wood becomes bone
  83. Hey you're just too for me , I gotta get inside of you
  84. We just like to sit at home and rip on the  
  85. They didn't see me and in the tree 
  86. We all want something , man, I wish I was  
  87. Faster than the she's flying
  88. There's a destination a little up the road, from the and the we know 
  89. I do my little turn on the  
  90. You gotta bag with alotta stuff in it
  91. 'Cause it's midnight in Montgomery just hear that  
  92. love you, fear is not the end of this
  93. Hey child, stay than the wind 
  94. Goodbye and I choke, I try to walk away and I   
  95. When it comes to like you I know the I 've heard it all before 
  96. Did I you, leave a bad taste in your mouth 
  97. She wore never in the daylight 
  98. This could be Rotterdam, or anywhere or  
  99. Will you stay with me, will you be my love, among the of  
  100. , , whereever you are 
  101. 1: Fran and Rita drove from I can't remember how I'm kin to them
  102. 2: I am in love with a 's girl.  She is an angel in a polyester uniform.
  103. 3: Put on your  here comes  

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